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The Eve mattress is a brand new bed-in-the-box model that's been popular overseas, and is now available in america.

Overall I like the Eve mattress, although it is not likely to be the perfect fit for everybody (Watch how Eve compares to other manufacturers HERE). The new structure of the upgraded Eve makes the most of some new foam technology which makes it a exceptional offering in the online-only space.

You may like the Eve if...

    You like the foam mattress feel -- The new Eve has a fantastic pressure-relieving, foam feel without the sensation of getting stuck. If you want a memory foam texture without becoming stuck, this is a superb option, and if you enjoy a small amount of bounce (but not too much), this is a good choice.

    Value is significant -- Eve follows the online-only model, cutting out the middle man and delivering a lot of value in comparison to other mattresses on the market. A Best Mattress of this quality could be 2-3x the cost in the event that you discovered it in the regional mattress store.

    You are a side sleeper -- Even though subjective, I believe that the new Eve is a tad softer than ordinary, making it really perfect for side sleepers. The surface is actually good at relieving pressure as well.

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    You sleep with a partner-- Eve really stands out with just how great it's at movement isolation. I was quite impressed. If you sleep with a partner, chances are you will not be bothered by your spouse's shifting around during the night. 

   My Eve mattress complaints -- it is fine, but perhaps not for everyone

    It's a bit soft-- In case you're a pure stomach or back sleeper, you might think the mattress is a tad bit soft. The best thing about the mattress is the way that it relieves pressure, and that is quite crucial for side sleepers. If you do not sleep on your side, you then won't enjoy the very best part about the mattress.

    Spring lovers may not be accustomed to this feel-- If you are utilized to an innerspring, sleeping" on" the mattress texture, then you might choose to try out another mattress.

    Conventional online mattress business complaints -- you can not try Eve out online, there's just 1 firmness alternative, etc.. These are complaints which are common to all other companies selling online (and they've dealt with those complaints well), but only something to notice if you are also considering buying from a tangible mattress shop.

    Eve Mattress Construction

    The new Eve mattress includes a fairly distinctive structure. The surface is just two inches of what they call second generation memory foam. It has all the pressure-relieving qualities of memory foam, but it's more responsive (like the reaction layer in the Tempur-Flex Supreme). Among the complaints regarding memory foam mattresses is your feeling of being stuck in the mattress. That is directly addressed here, and the mattress does a great job of alleviating pressure without the sensation of getting stuck.

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    Below the top layer is 1.5 inches of open-celled memory foam. This really is a breathable layer designed to make the mattress sleep trendy. My experience was great in this respect and that I didn't feel at all like the mattress slept hot.

    Overall, the mattress comes with a wonderful pressure-relieving foam texture without thumping too much and getting stuck. The aim is to have the advantages of both memory foam and latex with no downsides. I think they have come close to achieving this.

    Motion Transfer

    If you're sleeping with a partner, you should be considering motion transfer when searching at mattresses. This means if you move, you do not wish to disturb your spouse.

   Final Recommendation

  If you are looking at memory foam but are Concerned about sleeping hot or sinking in too much and getting stuck, this is definitely a Fantastic choice you should be looking at